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Style 1 - "The Reformer"

Let’s take a look at Style 1 - The Reformer. When Style 1 is on the right track and is walking with the Lord they are a wonderful picture of God’s goodness. Reformers show the following characteristics:

  • Honest

  • Fair

  • Objective

  • Precise

  • Self-controlled

  • Moral

  • Diligent and

  • Have High Standards

Among their motivations is the overall need to be good and right. They, in fact, fear being wrong or bad. One’s have the belief that perfect people don’t allow themselves to get angry, so as a one they will swallow their anger. This often as a result comes out as irritability or resentfulness.

Their main vice is anger. Only when a One is walking with the Lord do they become a serene force for God and others.

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