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Style 2

The Helper

How the Gospel Applies to You

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Summary of Style Two

As Helpers, Twos seek to bring unconditional love to the world around them with their gifts of sacrificial love and generosity. Twos are open-hearted, nurturing and supportive.


Two live to help others. You can trust that they will always show up in your time of need. They are compassionate, empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others and will strive to meet those needs. They are generous and hospitable with their time, talent and resources when caring for others. They will be first in offering to meet a need when someone is hurting or sick.


Twos love to encourage. They nurture those around them out of a desire to see others thrive and find joy. They exhibit kindness and grace and connect with others in a truly heartfelt way. They are caring, joyous and humble.


Motivation & False Belief

God is calling you to live not for your acceptance but from Christ's acceptance.

Twos are motivated by the desire to be loved. They seek after approval and gain their worth from the acceptance of others. This motivation is driven by their fear of being unappreciated and unwanted.


While they greatly desire unconditional love, they have developed a false belief that they must earn this love by serving others.

The Gospel Applied to You

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While all spiritual doctrine is essential for Twos, many find comfort in meditating upon the doctrine of “Adoption.” This doctrine is based on the fact that God is love. Because of Christ’s work on the cross, believers are adopted into the family of God. Instead of being judged guilty (as we deserve), we are given the incredible gift of being accepted as one of his children.


Helpful scriptures to meditate on and memorize: Romans 8:14-16, Galatians 4:4-7 and Ephesians 1:4-5.


You might find it helpful to practice the following “self-talk” to remind yourself of the implications of the gospel in your life:

  • Only God is unconditionally loving.

  • I am sinful. I have pride and serve others with self-serving motives every day because I’m human.

  • Jesus has taken the punishment for all my pride and motives and offers me daily forgiveness.

  • Because of Jesus, I am fully forgiven every day.

  • I do not need the acceptance of others in order to have worth, and I do not expect others to look to me for their acceptance and worth.

  • I am free to live, love and forgive by the grace of God.

  • I can stop seeking love and acceptance from others because God is on the throne. Through Jesus’ sacrifice, I already have acceptance as His child , and I can serve and care for others out of His love without motivation.

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