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Style 3

The Achiever

How the Gospel Applies to You

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Summary of Style Three

As Achievers, Threes set ambitious goals, accomplish tasks and charismatically win others over to their plan. Threes live by hard work, efficiency and competence.


Threes like the recognition that success brings. They want to get the job right and to be recognized for it. They are organized and self-confident. They are focused and relentless until they find victory.


People are drawn to the attractiveness and adaptability of Threes. They are motivating, inspiring and diplomatic. They always seem to “land on their feet.”


Threes can be great leaders. And when they’re self-aware, Threes grow to become well-adjusted team leaders who recruit loyal followers that work together toward a higher cause.


Motivation & False Belief

Threes are motivated by the desire for success. They seek to win in all areas of life, but especially at work. This motivation is driven by their fear of being ineffective and experiencing failure.


While they greatly desire success, they have developed a false belief that they must achieve at all costs.

God is calling you to live not for your success but

from Christ's success.

The Gospel Applied to You

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While all spiritual doctrine is essential for Threes, many find comfort in spending time daily meditating upon the central Christian doctrine called “justification by faith.” This doctrine states that God declares believers justified because of Christ’s righteousness alone. Because of this, we know that God fully accepts us, regardless of our level of accomplishment.


Helpful scriptures to meditate on and memorize: Romans 3:23-25, 5:1 and 8:1.


You might find it helpful to practice the following “self-talk” to remind yourself of the implications of the gospel in your life:

  • Only God is fully victorious.

  • I am sinful. I fail every day because I’m human.

  • Jesus has taken the punishment for all my failures and offers me daily forgiveness.

  • Because of Jesus, I am fully loved regardless of my efforts every day.

  • I do not have to try to be successful or separate people into “winners” and “losers.”

  • I am free to live, love and forgive by the grace of God.

  • I can stop pushing myself so hard because God is on the throne. He accomplishes the most important things in life and invites me to work alongside Him to help redeem others from their failures.

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