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Individuals. We will customize our time to meet your needs and desires. You can expect that we'll give you insight that will help you grow in self-awareness and spiritual vibrancy. We have created personalized tools that will help you turn to God and uproot false beliefs that are driving you in a negative direction. We will assure you that God is on the throne and will help you understand what it looks like to love others well.

Couples. We will help you and your "loved one" propel your relationship into a greater level of empathy, compassion and encouragement. We'll help you understand the behaviors and motivations of your partner and learn how you can specifically remind each other of the gospel everyday.

Leadership Teams. We'll help your team accelerate your performance by improving individual leadership capacity, team collaboration and emotional intelligence. And if you're a leader, we specialize in helping you clarify your calling and aligning your work to fit your gifting. You will see an increase joy at work and passion for your cause.

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John Fooshee

Elaine Webb

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