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We're ready to help you discover new insights about your style and God's work in your life.

Pastoral Coaching. We are church leaders that actually spend most of our time coaching pastors, church planters and nonprofit startups. We help you gain clarity on your God-given calling, lead from a place of spiritual rest and creativity and launch new Gospel-centered, missional ministries. To learn more, click here.

Training Your Church Leaders. We have several solutions to help you onboard and train new church elders and staff to better equip them to lead from a place of spiritual health, empathy, team collaboration and emotional intelligence.

Coaching to Start Your Own Enneagram Initiative. Because we are ministry that primarily specializes in launching new ministries, we regularly provide one-on-one coaching to people who are starting their own Enneagram business or ministry.

Individual Coaching. We will customize our time to meet your needs and desires. You can expect that we'll give you insight that will help you grow in self-awareness and spiritual vibrancy. We have created personalized tools that will help you turn to God and uproot false beliefs that are driving you in a negative direction. We will assure you that God is on the throne and will help you understand what it looks like to love others well.

Couples. We will help you and your "loved one" propel your relationship into a greater level of empathy, compassion and encouragement. We'll help you understand the behaviors and motivations of your partner and learn how you can specifically remind each other of the gospel everyday.

John Fooshee

John has started three businesses and two churches. He has coached hundreds of business, church and nonprofit leaders to clarify their direction and lead their organizations. He received his training as a coach and mentor of other coaches from CoachNet in 2008. He has biblical studies degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and King University.


He has been married to Lindsay for twenty-three years and has four kids. He lives in Raleigh, NC.

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John Fooshee

Elaine Webb

Elaine has worked in human resources for nearly twenty years and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.  She also has experience leading ministries, facilitating retreats, and teaching classes at her local church. She has received training through the American Association of Christian Counselors, NavPress Training, Your Enneagram Coach and the Willow Creek Association. 


Elaine has lived in Raleigh, NC for twenty-two years. She loves spending time with her two daughters and their families. 

Elaine Webb

Care Director & Coach Trainer

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