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Style 1

The Reformer

How the Gospel Applies to You

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Summary of Style One

As Reformers, Ones work constantly to improve themselves and the world around them. They do this by following the rules, taking responsibility, and doing everything with excellence. Ones live by high standards, desiring accuracy and order.


Ones are hard workers. You can trust them to do a job and do it right. They are self-disciplined, diligent, and reliable. They do their part and expect others to do the same. Ones are thorough, pay attention to detail, and find comfort in methodically following a routine.


Ones do the right thing. They are known for their integrity, principles, and ideals. Ones value honesty, objectivity, and fairness. Their keen moral compass helps them quickly discern wrong from right and gives them the ability to make corrections easily when things are amiss. They can easily see what is wrong and know how to correct it. Sincere and conscientious, Ones are aware of what’s appropriate and strive for respect.


These Reformers do what they do in order to make the world a better place to live.


God is calling you to live not for your perfection but from Christ's perfection.

Motivation & False Belief

Ones are motivated by the desire for perfection. They seek after an ideal in all areas of life, feeling that they have done their best and gained a satisfying sense of worth because of it. This motivation is driven by their fear of being imperfect and the feeling of unworthiness and condemnation that accompanies it. While they greatly desire perfection, they have developed a false belief that they must be good and do what is right.

The Gospel Applied to You

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While all spiritual doctrine is essential for Ones, many find comfort in meditating upon the doctrine of “Imputation.” This doctrine is based on the fact that God is good. Because of Christ’s work on the cross, believers are credited, or imputed, with this goodness. Instead of being judged guilty (as we deserve), we are given the incredible gift of being declared morally righteous by God.


Helpful scriptures to meditate on and memorize: Romans 4:11 and 2 Corinthians 5:2.


You might find it helpful to practice the following “self-talk” to remind yourself of the implications of the gospel in your life:

  • Only God is perfect and good.

  • I am sinful. I make mistakes every day because I’m human.

  • Jesus has taken the punishment for all my mistakes and offers me daily forgiveness.

  • Because of Jesus, I am fully forgiven every day.

  • I do not have to try to be perfect or expect perfection in anyone else.

  • I am free to live, love, and forgive by the grace of God.

  • The world isn’t perfect, but God is on the throne. He is working to make everything right and invites me to work alongside him for redemption and reform.

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