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Style 6

The Loyalist

How the Gospel Applies to You

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Summary of Style Six

As Loyalists, Sixes are faithful, responsible, trustworthy and resilient people. They are very aware of their surroundings, keeping an eye out in order to make the world a safer place. Sixes live their lives with integrity and high ethical standards. Sixes are very loyal and will remain devoted long after others have moved on.  


Sixes are detailed and practical, especially with contingency plans in case something should go wrong. They are great at knowing which steps to take and in what order, and they will recruit others to help. They will rarely let you down. Their word is their bond. They are warm, supportive and provide continuity in their relationships. They are a consistent and stable presence in others’ lives.


Sixes love the security of a good plan and prefer not to be caught off guard.  Sixes need to know that others are trustworthy, valuing the stability and security that consistency and planning provide.


Loyalists show us the faithfulness and unfaltering presence of God.


Motivation & False Belief

Sixes want to be supported and to have guidance. They work to ensure that they have done all they can to protect themselves and others. They take time to make careful decisions and do not like to be pushed or rushed when doing so. This motivation is driven by their fear of what can go wrong.


While they greatly desire security, they have developed a false belief that they must keep themselves and others from harm.

God is calling you to live not for your security but

from Christ's security.

The Gospel Applied to You

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While all spiritual doctrine is essential for Sixes, many find comfort in meditating upon the doctrine of eternal security. This doctrine is based on the fact that God is faithful. Because of Christ’s work on the cross, believers trust in Christ’s faithfulness. Instead of seeking security through our own efforts, we are given assurance of God’s faithfulness and stability.


Helpful scriptures to meditate on and memorize: John 10: 27-29, 1 Peter 5:6-7, 1 John 4:18.


You might find it helpful to practice the following “self-talk” to remind yourself of the implications of the gospel in your life:

  • Only God is faithful and I am safe in Him.

  • I am sinful. I am fearful and untrusting every day because I’m human.

  • Jesus has taken the punishment for all my anxiety and offers me daily forgiveness.

  • Because of Jesus, I am fully forgiven every day.

  • I do not have to worry or expect to find my security in anyone or anything else.

  • I am free to live, love and forgive by the grace of God.

  • I don’t have to plan for what might go wrong because God is on the throne. He is my security, and nothing comes from Him that is outside of His control. I can rest in the assurance that He will always be faithful and steady.

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