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Coronavirus, Fear & the Gospel

I don’t know about you but this week I have become quite anxious over the coronavirus. I have worried that someone I love might get it, like my 88-year old father and my 79-year old mother-in-law. I’ve found myself suddenly concerned that I may not have enough supplies to last the upcoming weeks. And I’m walking around “on guard” fearing that there will be more unexpected threats to my finances, family, and work schedule. The good news is that God isn’t worried or concerned. He is our sovereign shepherd who is watching over us and calling us to trust in Him and empowering us to serve those around us. After listening to a very convicting and comforting sermon this week by Luke Thomas of Legacy Church in Knoxville, TN, I decided to acknowledge that my fears are an open door to draw near to the Lord and reset my heart.  I would love for you to join me! Each weekday at 12 pm noon EDT, we’ll explore one aspect of this issue: - On Monday, we’ll help you identify the key emotion you’re feeling and reset our hearts towards the Sovereign Christ (with a little help from Rembrandt) - On Tuesday, we’ll talk about the anxious behaviors and core fears of each Enneagram type - On Wednesday, we’ll examine how each Enneagram type loves with their God-given gifts when they trust in Him - On Thursday, I’ll interview Luke Thomas and have him share what he’s learned about fear as an anxious Six - On Friday, we’ll talk about ways that you can love your neighbor in this crisis You can join me on Zoom (click here) or Facebook Live... again each weekday this week at noon EDT. There’s no need to register. I hope that you and I will together be reminded that because God is on the throne we can serve others from a posture of trust and spread God’s peace over those that need it the most. Warmly,

John Fooshee Founder

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