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Pastor Chris told me today that he didn’t realize what his 15-year marriage was missing. After he and his wife went through our Gospel Enneagram assessment and training, God worked in deep ways in their relationship.

“This is revolutionary!” Pastor Chris said, “It helped my wife and I realize who we are individually, more accurately communicate that to each other, problem-solve, parent, and grow romantically together!”

Pastor Chris and Family

Today, every person that comes through Chris’ church door is asked to take our assessment. Then sits down, hears their story and speaks to their deepest needs by sharing the Gospel in a completely personalized way. He says it’s critical to the discipleship growth that they’ve seen in their church.

We praise God for how he has used it in wonderful ways!

Chris and his church are among 6000 people who we have been touched by this work over the past two years.

Today, we have a cool opportunity that has come our way - to make the Gospel Enneagram free in 2020!

Last week, friends just gave us half of what we need to pay our software and promotion expenses for 2020. The intent was to challenge you to give towards the remaining half.

If we get another $4000, we can make all our online courses, full reports, and downloads completely free in 2020.

Will you prayerfully consider donating to this... or asking your church to do so?

If you or your church say “yes” (for any amount), we’ll give you access to those for free right now.

Thanks for your consideration.

Grace + Peace,

John Fooshee


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