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Style 9 - "The Peacemaker"

Style 9s are known as Peacemaker. Nines typically are:

  • Easy-going

  • Harmonious

  • Diplomatic

  • Accepting

  • Hospitable

  • Modest

  • Trusting

  • Idealize

When they are walking with the Lord they are a beautiful reflection of the peace that God brings. Their main motivation is a desire for peace. Therefore there is this fear of being broken, relationships being in conflict or being overlooked or shut out.

They tend to deny their anger more than the eights or ones. They often have a problem merging with others. For example, in an election year they will be talking with one group that is all for one particular candidate and they agree, but then will go over to another political party and candidate and will agree with them too.

As a result, they tend to often lose their own opinion and merge with the opinions of others.

Nines tend to be sloths when it comes to knowing themselves. They try to balance the whole world getting along so they tend to never insert their own opinion. However, it can be really good when nines do choose to assert their opinion because they are then able to bring out the truth and bring reconciliation. This is difficult for a lot of nines.

It is helpful for nines to remember this: “I become slothful when I’m living for my peace, but when I deny myself and live from His peace I become a mediator for God and others.” Nines are then able to help bring peace.”

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