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Style 8 - "The Challenging Protector"

Style 8s are often called Challengers or Challenging Protectors. They are strong people. They walk into a room and they ask themselves, “Who’s the leader here? Ok, I am.” This is how they approach life. They almost immediately will put themselves into a leadership role. Eights, therefore, have the following attributes:

  • Strong

  • Leadership

  • Direct

  • Intense

  • Self-reliant

  • Hard-working

  • Determined

  • Assertive

When they are walking with the Lord they are a beautiful reflection of God’s power. When I think about Eights I think about Jason Bourne. He is strong, assertive and an overcomer.

For Eights there is this need for power and protection. They fear being powerless, vulnerable or betrayed. Their anger is more expressed forcefully. They tend to tell you what they think, which often intimidates others and they are unaware of the fact that they do. Their classic vice is lust, but more so for power. When they are walking with the Lord their soft side begins to show and they become merciful.

So for an Eight, I recommend to memorize the following statement, “I become lustful when I’m living for my protection, but when I deny myself and live from His protection I become a merciful force for God and others.”

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