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Style 6 - "The Loyalist"

Style 6 is often called The Loyalist and they present themselves as very loyal. They are:

  • Likeable

  • Loyal

  • Witty

  • Caring

  • Hardworking

  • Practical

  • Prepared

  • Responsible

When they are walking with the Lord they really reflect God’s security well. Tom Hanks is who I think of when I think of a Six. They have a real need to have security and fear deviance and punishment. They are often anxious about what could go wrong.

Like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, you know he’s like, “put them up, put them up” but he will then turn around and run. The call for the Lion in the Wizard of Oz is to step out in courage. This is the only style that can be put on a continuum where you lean to one side or the other the majority of the time, but you can swing the continuum.

A phobic six is like the lion in the early part of the movie they show their fear and seek approval. They are usually cautious, compliant and dependent and they consciously or unconsciously seek the protection of an authority figure to give them the protection that they want.

Most sixes tend to lean on this side of the continuum and every once in awhile swing to the other side, which is counter-phobic. There are a quarter or third of sixes that stay in this more assertive counter-phobic area for sixes.

Counter-phobic 6s are daring and confrontational and hide their fear. They don’t even know they are fearful themselves, they tend to be involved, for example in extreme sports. What they are doing is hiding this fear behind a facade of being challenging or rebelling against authority.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that counter-phobic sixes are eights. Eights though are not as much fearful as they are angry. Eights will stand up when nobody stands up for the truth whereas a six will say, “I don’t know should make a stand or not.” They have this “inner committee” going on in their heads and they want to know where to assert themselves.

For sixes it is really helpful to memorize this statement, “I become fearful when I’m living for my security, but when I deny myself and live from His security I become a courageous force for God and others.

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