Small Group Study

This study is ideal for small groups and leadership teams in any context. This gospel-centered experience is designed to:
  • Help each person know how to apply the gospel uniquely
  • Discover what false beliefs drive each individual 
  • Ground the group in the doctrines of grace
  • Encourage members to serve with their God-given gifts
  • Boost empathy and care for one another
  • Provide enjoyable conversations and insightful content

Free Download

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(Permission to copy & distribute the PDF is granted so long as no changes are made.)

Each Member Gets Their

Own Personalized Report

To get the most out of this study group members should purchase the full report after taking their assessment. Here are the features of this report for you and your group members:

How you behave when you're spiritually healthy and when you're not.

How to change your selfish motivations and love others boldly.

Recommended spiritual practices and disciplines customized for you.

How to replace the lies you are prone to believe with truth of the Gospel.

How your personality impacts you at work and in your relationships.

How you operate under stress and when you're relaxed.

Group Pricing

We provide discounts on our our products for groups and churches. 

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