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Style 2 - "The Helper"

If you have a Style 2 in your life then you are blessed to have a “helper” in your life. They are wonderful warm people how are always helping others. Helpers have the following attributes:

  • Warm

  • Caring

  • Thoughtful

  • Generous

  • Empathetic

  • Appreciated

  • Selfless

  • Dependent

When Helpers are walking with the Lord they are beautiful pictures of God’s love. However, when they are not they tend to become dependent on others.

Helpers are motivated by the need to be needed. They have a strong desire to feel loved and wanted. Though they tend to experience shame and a need for approval this often goes undetected because they do show much of a desire to help.

Style 2’s do struggle with the vice of pride. As they grow in the Lord they are however able to become more humble. They are then able to serve without strings attached.

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