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Style 3 - "The Achiever"

Style 3 is what we often call an Achiever. Achievers are very goal-oriented people. The attributes of a Style 3 include:

  • Goal-oriented

  • Effective

  • Competent

  • Adaptable

  • Ambitious

  • Organized

  • Diplomatic

  • Competitive

When an Achiever is walking with the Lord they really do embody God’s success. They are like the Lord, able to get things done. Achievers have an internal drive to win, even if it is to help someone else to win. This drive is so strong that they are always going fast. They constantly feel the need to achieve or help others to achieve. This can quickly lead to deceit when they are not doing well and it leads to the truth when they are doing well.

Style 3 also has a hard time admitting defeat and dealing with failure. When living for the Lord they become a truthful force for God and others.

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