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Style 7 - "The Enthusiast"

Style 7’s are enthusiasts. They are:

  • Fun

  • Excitable

  • Spontaneous

  • Optimistic

  • Social

  • Future-oriented

  • Excessive

  • Scattered

When they are walking with the Lord they are a beautiful reflection of God’s joy. Stephen Colbert is probably a good example of a Seven. They have a need for joy, having fun and being satisfied. They also fear being limited, bored or trapped in emotional pain. They usually deal with FOMO or the fear of missing out.

Style 7’s have a strong need to be happy. The classic Christian vice called gluttony is a great temptation for Sevens. They do everything to excess, double the ideas, double the joy, double the fun. The more that they grow in they get that joy, they still say hopeful, but it’s sobered joy, feet on the ground and based in reality.

So for sevens they should memorize the following, “I become excessive when I’m living for my joy, but when I deny myself and live from His joy I become a joyful force for God and others.

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