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The Gospel Applied

Uniquely to You

We root the Enneagram in the truth of the Gospel so that you can experience freedom in Christ.

Take the assessment and grow personally

Study it with your small group

Get trained to lead others spiritually

 The Assessment

We begin with a profile called the Enneagram to help you identify your personality style. Next, we ask personality-specific questions about your spiritual life.


The result is a profound and in-depth report where the gospel is applied uniquely to you.

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Study for Groups

This study is perfect for small groups and leadership teams. Your group will grow in empathy, unity and in the ability to speak the gospel to each other in a personalized way. 


Facilitator Webinar

We'll teach you how to facilitate natural and non-threatening conversations to help your friends, co-workers or church small group thrive.

Certified Coach Training

Gain hands-on coaching experience as you walk people through a greater level of self-awareness and gospel application.

"This assessment has been profound for us so much that we use it as we counsel other couples."


Russell & Latoya McCutcheon

Memphis, Tennessee

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