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Quality Resources for You

Generous donors make it possible for our online assessment, individual Enneagram style reports and online courses, a group study and a relational assessments to be at a low cost for you. That's over 25,000 words and 13 hours of video to help people apply the Gospel uniquely to their core motivations. 

You may access these through the "Courses" tab in the menu bar or, to see a full list of these resources, click here.

If you would like to donate so that others can find freedom by rooting the Enneagram in Jesus, click here.

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Facilitator Course

Boost self-awareness in your small group, church or workplace team with this six-session online class. We will introduce you to the Enneagram and how the Gospel makes it a powerful tool to find freedom from sin and self-defeating habits. You'll help people unleash their giftedness and become their "true self".

We'll give you small group curriculum to help you build empathy and train your members how to uniquely encourage each other with the gospel.

You'll learn how to facilitate natural and non-threatening conversations to help your friends, co-workers, family or church members thrive.

And all of this is for you too! You'll learn your main Enneagram style, how the Gospel applies to your life and grow in your leadership capacity.

Advanced Coach Training

If you are a church leader, spiritual director, HR specialist or counselor, Gospel Pathway adds value, depth and effectiveness to your work. Through this training, you'll gain insight into an individual's level of spiritual health, relationship patterns and spiritual disciplines for each specific Enneagram style.

This training includes excellent coaching tools to boost your results. We will provide an 80-page Coach's Handbook that includes the full report of each Enneagram style from our assessment. You'll receive a relational assessment for coaching couples or mangers and subordinates. We will also provide a customizable PowerPoint presentation and workbook for leading groups and seminars on your own.


Furthermore, we'll grant you access to the individual's specific answers and trends on their online assessment, we'll train you to use this tool with more precision and depth. You'll be able to provide our assessment at a discounted rate and lead each person you coach with a lasting understanding of themselves and their pathway for spiritual growth. 

Beyond working with individuals, Gospel Pathway can be used for coaching teams and organizations. Because it speaks to understanding a person's patterns and motivations, the knowledge it provides is particularly helpful in team building, creating effective communication, developing a stronger organizational structure and developing leaders. You will be able to use Gospel Pathway with all levels of employees within an organization.

Conferences & Retreats

Gospel Pathway Conferences are designed to equip your people with greater awareness and become more fluent with the gospel.  We’ve seen many people find freedom from sin and self-defeating habits, unleash their giftedness and become their “true self” as a result of our conferences.


Gospel Pathway Retreats are customized for your organization. It’s excellent asset for building your team, achieving more effective communication, developing a stronger organizational structure, and developing leaders. 

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