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Courses for Individual Styles


10 videos to help dive deep into knowing your style and how the Gospel uniquely applies to you. It includes:

  • 6-Pages, Full Report on Your Style

  • Summary of Style

  • Wings & Subtypes

  • Childhood Patterns & Worldview

  • Interview from Someone with Your Same Style

  • How to Grow in the Gospel

  • Download: PDF of All Lecture Slides 

  • Download: Application Worksheets

  • Download: Customizing Your Gold and Shadow

Perfect for Beginners

Course for All 9 Styles


50 videos... that's 5 hours of training... to help you lead people in finding freedom from sin & self-defeating habits. You'll help people unleash their giftedness and become their "true self" and grow in Gospel fluency. It includes:

  • All the Content from the Courses on Individual Styles


  • 45-Pages: Full Report on All 9 Styles (with permission to distribute to individuals or to a small group of up to 20 people)

Best Value!

Certified Coach Training


Coming Soon

Start coaching others during this training and gain experience walking people through a greater level of self-awareness and gospel application. It includes:

  • 3 one-on-one sessions with our staff to hone your coaching skills.

  • In-depth videos to understand how to coach each Enneagram style.

  • An assessment for coaching couples or in the workplace. 

  • A customizable PowerPoint presentation and workbook for leading groups and seminars on your own.

Perfect for Professionals

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