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Purchasing access for groups will reduce your costs. The more credits are purchased at one time, the greater the discount.

Discount per Full Report: access for 20-50 are charged at 80% less than the standard price. 50-100 are 60% less and 100-200 are 50%. Please call if you're looking for more than 200+. When you email us, tell which products (courses, full reports, etc.) you plan to purchase. We will direct you to a charge account. After you pay, we'll send you your access codes in 3-5 business days.
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50% to Fund Your Cause!

Signing up for our affiliate program is free. First, create an account and email us that you would like to be an affiliate.

  • Pastor Matt's Enneagram Conference Pays for Itself

    Matt's church pays for his training. He then registers his church as an affiliate. They're completely paid back when 50 people attend his Enneagram conference.

  • Jasmin Blogs for Orpahns

    Jasmin asks her favorite children's home to sign up as an affiliate. She puts a link to the Gospel Enneagram on her blog. Half of the money from those referrals is donated to care for orphans.

  • Carmen gets Paid for Saving Her Clients Money

    Carmen is a counselor and an affiliate. She saves her clients money by having them take an Enneagram course between appointments. Still, she receives half of the revenue.

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Maximize your leadership and grow your organization through coaching, church consulting, team retreats as well as live Gospel Enneagram conferences.

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