Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will this help me spiritually?

    The Gospel Enneagram assessment and courses helps you prioritize living daily in light of the good news of Jesus Christ. We begin with a personality assessment, called the Enneagram, to help you understand your personal pathway to growth. Next, we apply specific aspects of the gospel to give you the inspiration to change. We’re confident that the knowledge you will gain about yourself and God will result in a deeper level of self-awareness and love for Him and His people.

  • Can I buy your reports or courses for a group?

    Yes! We offer discounted pricing for any group, church or business. Please email us at for more information.

  • Can I gift a product or course to someone else?

    Absolutely! You can buy credits to gift or discount any of our products or courses. The discount per credit is 10-24 (15% off), 25-49 (25% off), 50-99 (35% off), 100+ (50% off). Email us at

  • I can't decide which Enneagram style I am. What do you suggest?

    First, take our assessment. While it's not perfect, it is very accurate. If you've already taken it and still can't decide then look at the top two scores of your assessment. Next, go to our "Training" page and select those two styles that you think may best fit you. Compare the "Motivations and False Beliefs" sections in those two reports. These sections describe what is foundational to each Enneagram style. If you're over 35 or so, reflect upon which of these sections best described your desires and needs as a teenager. If you still can't decide, give it some time. Ask trusted friends or family what they think. That said, remember this is a motivational not a behavioral tool. Therefore, only you can decide what truly motivates you.

  • What's a "wing" and how do I know what mine is?

    The Enneagram recognizes that there are not just nine types of people in the world. In fact, each style carries “flavors” of the other styles. For example, let's say you're a Nine ("Peacemaker"). Every Nine either has an Eight or One wing (see the lines on the outside of the Enneagram drawing). To identify which is your wing, take our assessment. Your wing will be the number in which you received a higher score on either side of your primary score. So, if your primary style is Nine and your One is higher than your eight, then your a Nine with a One wing. For more information on your wing, please download your full report.

  • What is the Enneagram?

    If you don't already know, “Ennea” means nine and “gram” refers to something that’s written (which refers to a drawing that shows the nine personality types). The origin of the Enneagram is heavily disputed. But it does appear to be influenced by an early version of the historic Christian "7 Deadly Sins and Vices" which specifically describes how different people mature differently. The Bible teaches that God speaks to us through general revelation and uses secular teaching to point people to Jesus (e.g. Acts 17). That is our intended use of the Enneagram - to show people how Jesus meets their unique motivations and ground them in the gospel. That said, some people love the Enneagram so much they seem to treat this tool as if it's the gospel. Let's be clear: The "good news" of Jesus is all we need to find life because only in His finished work are we free from sin and adopted into a life-giving relationship with God!

  • How is your approach unique?

    The Gospel Enneagram is designed to help you understand your current spiritual state and how to live in light of the good news of Jesus Christ. This customized application of the Gospel will help you become more aware of your sinful motivations and provide suggestions for spiritual applications that will help you enjoy Christ and live out your God-given gifts. As you cooperate with the work of God in your life, you will live out your individual style in a redemptive and world-changing way.

  • What do you believe?

    We adhere to historic Christian beliefs as described by the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed. We also believe that the sixty-six books of the Bible are inspired by God and are authoritative for living. Although God uses general revelation to teach us about life (from trusted friends, the Enneagram, etc.), it’s solely the "good news" of Jesus as described in the Bible that saves and grows us to become like Him. Jesus’ finished work is all we need to be freed from sin and adopted into a life-giving relationship with God!

  • Are you available for team retreats and conferences?

    Yes! We are available for team retreats or conferences to fit the needs of your organization. Our Gospel Enneagram Conferences are designed to equip your people with greater awareness and become more fluent with the gospel. We’ve seen many people find freedom from sin and self-defeating habits, unleash their giftedness and become their “true self” as a result of our conferences. Our Gospel Enneagram Retreats are customized for your organization. It’s excellent asset for building your team, achieving more effective communication, developing a stronger organizational structure, and developing leaders. Contact us below or at to schedule your next retreat or conference.