We're excited that you're attending our Gospel Enneagram Conference! We are hosting this because we want you to grow in a deeper self-awareness and find freedom in Christ.


To prepare for our time together, please plan on roughly 30 minutes to walk through the steps below. The assessment will take roughly 8-12 minutes to complete. Also, highlighting your report will take another 15-20 minutes.

To associate your results with our conference, please complete our customized, conference assessment below. Please DON'T take the assessment in the menu bar above.

Once you have completed the assessment, download the longer, "full report" for your style below.

When you see your full report, please print your report or save it as a PDF. Now, highlight the words and phrases on your report that you believe best describes you.

Finally, fill out this form to help us make the most of our time together. 

Please do not share this page or the "full reports" with anyone as this requires us to pay for their assessment or expenses.

The Gospel Enneagram is a ministry program of People Launching.

© 2020 People Launching

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